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Your ¬†wedding day should be the most special day of your life, and we understand how important it is to have a wedding cake that represents this. It’s why we build beautiful, bespoke wedding cakes. Our specialist birthday & wedding cake maker London, Katy Streeton, is exceptionally talented and highly skilled in designing stunning, bespoke wedding cakes for very happy newlyweds all across South-East England.
You can view some of Katy’s breathtaking work by viewing the portfolio page and you will begin to understand why she is quickly becoming one of the most sought after wedding cake maker London. Time, patience and meticulous attention to detail is paramount, to produce such high quality wedding cakes. If you’re looking for an expert cake maker in London to transform your wedding cake ideas into an amazing centrepiece for your wedding reception get in touch with Katy. You can book a consultation or even email for some free advice.
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London’s Leading Wedding Cake Maker
We hope you enjoyed looking through the gallery above which shows only a handful of the beautiful cakes that our specialist wedding cake maker London, Katy Streeton has produced over the last few years. To see more visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages or alternatively send us an email and we will happily show you our full portfolio.We take enormous satisfaction and are incredibly passionate about producing Wedding Cakes in London which wow our clients.
Our bespoke service is available throughout South-East England in areas including Surrey and West Sussex and your journey to the perfect wedding cake begins with an informal consultation with wedding cake maker Katy Streeton.
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